Webinars & Training Videos

Training videos are a great way to learn more about Igniting Potential campaign strategies, and put your organization on the path to success! Check out the pre-recorded training videos designed to help you learn more about specific topics of all levels. No matter the size and shape of your organization, we've got the tools to help you succeed!

Launch Meeting

Igniting Potential Nonprofit Launch Meeting

Review recording from the Nonprofit Launch meeting where we reviewed giving day expectations, branding and digital assets, matches, Peer2Peer fundraising, profile set up and making the most of social media and marketing.

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Igniting Potential Webinars and Trainings

Create the Perfect Profile for Igniting Potential

Whether you're a returning participant or brand new to Igniting Potential, this webinar will help you learn everything you need to know about Igniting Potential, including how to customize your organization's profile and the resources available to make getting ready for Igniting Potential a breeze!

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Leverage Your Donation Report for Igniting Potential

Stewardship is highly important, and it all starts with thanking your supporters! Your donation report contains detailed donor data that you can use to begin the stewardship process. This quick training will show you how to access, filter, and leverage your donor data for Igniting Potential!

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Igniting Potential

Learn how to add peer-to-peer fundraisers along with some helpful tips and tricks to boost your fundraising efforts for Igniting Potential!

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Matches and Challenges for Igniting Potential

Learn all about the differences between matches and challenges! We'll walk you through adding a match or challenge to your Igniting Potential profile as well as provide tips and strategies for success!

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Giving Day Training Videos

Watch this video to learn how to meet your donors where they are, and help them become vested in your mission through successful storytelling.

Looking for more information to help you tell your giving day story? Check out the resources below!

Communicating goals internally and externally can have a direct impact on your results. Check out this video to learn about how to set yourself up for success by planning out your unique goals for Igniting Potential.

Looking for more information to help you set and communicate your goals for the big day? Check out the resources below!

Having your board, 'on board' for Igniting Potential can strengthen your network of both support and outreach. Here are some ways to effectively engage board members in the day at varying capacities!

Leverage social media to increase your online presence and audience engagement during Igniting Potential.

Looking for more information to help you spread the word on social media? Check out the resources below!

Dollars can go a lot further when leveraged as Matches and Challenges. Learn what these gifts are, how they function in GiveGab, and gain some unique strategies to successfully gamify your day with these larger donations!

Looking for more information on creating and leveraging match and challenge opportunities? Check out the resources below!

Learn what information is available to you after Igniting Potential, and how you can use it to build on existing and newly-created relationships with your organization.

Looking for more information on donor stewardship after the big day? Check out the resources below!